August 31, 2020 - Pawel Mansfeld

The Most Popular websites in the world

Here is a list of the most popular websites from around the world. The list was compiled with Alexa and Similiar Web data. These are reliable and good tools for comparing the popularity, i.e. (the value) of websites and web applications.

Why is it worth knowing such ranking? It’s good to know what is successful on the Internet and try to answer why. Such knowledge will be useful for creating useful products and tools with a global reach, or even for sublimating the trends currently prevailing on the Internet.

The better the website’s position, the more traffic a given domain has.


Alexa ranking is based on Total Page Views and Unique Visitors (UU). These values ​​are weighted and the average of the last three months is taken. It is worth mentioning that the highest domain (without subdomains) is in the ranking.

SimiliarWeb evaluates websites based on data from ISPs as well as scripts that count traffic on many websites and search engines.

It is worth mentioning that everyone can know their own position in the Alexa ranking: The traffic graph is visible for sites that fall into the first million.

These results apply to Internet traffic from around the world. If you are interested in the popularity of individual websites in specific country let me know in the comment section.

Note: The worse the position in the ranking (higher number), the less accurate the data is, so don’t worry about temporary fluctuations of your website.

  1. – The Google search engine (or simply Google), which has practically no competition and there is no indication that it will change any time soon. The market share is over 92%. It handles over 3.5 billion searches per day. The browser can be used for free. The website pays for itself by broadcasting ads that are separate from the “real” search results. Search engine robots scour websites and create a table of contents for the entire Internet. The page’s position in the ranking that appears on the user’s query depends on its quality, credibility and popularity calculated on the basis of more and more complex algorithms and research carried out on users.
  2. – YouTube is the second search engine, but this time videos in which each of us can be involved. YouTube is also a guarantee from Google. The size of YouTube clips maintained and their natural increase to a number that is hard to imagine. Publishing and watching YouTube videos is also free. The website earns money by broadcasting ads and premium accounts. The best YouTube creators share the profits from broadcasting ads or conduct their own advertising activities. Videos can be rated and also commented on, which makes YouTube a social network.
  3. – social network. Facebook is a place to create social networks. The website allows you to publish posts, photos, videos, and communicate with friends. Posts can be liked and commented. Facebook makes money by broadcasting personalized ads and selling user data.
  4. – Chinese search engine.
  5. – microblogging social media platform.
  6. – a multilingual online encyclopedia, the creation of which can be involved in all of us. The quality of the price is moderated by editors and administrators who are elected in community votes. Wikipedia maintains information about the sale of donations. Operation is not working..
  7. – photo & video social media platform.
  8. – website with search engine, news and email services.
  9. X…
  10. P…
  11. – russian search engine.
  12. – video streaming platform.
  13. – japaneese Yahoo.
  14. X….com
  15. – Windows Live.
  16. – e-commerce.
  17. – messaging app.
  18. – South Korean online platform.
  19. – russian social network.
  20. – brazilian version of
  21. – forums with news.
  22. – MS Office domain.
  23. – Chinese messaging app and social network.
  24. – link shortener.
  25. – russian online services.
  26. – latin american media platform.
  27. – business social network
  28. – live statistics.
  29. – CNN news
  30. – shorter version of YouTube domain used for sharing.
  31. X…
  32. – Microsoft search engine
  33. – Russian social network
  34. – Microsoft services
  35. – photo based social network.
  36. – domain for Microsoft online services.
  37. – video communicator.
  38. – e-commerce platform.
  39. – Chinese video based social network.
  40. – video streaming platform.
  41. – official website of Microsoft.
  42. – Japanese news website.
  43. – BBC news
  44. – Japanese Yahoo.
  45. – advertisement platform.
  46. – Brazilian website.
  47. – Google News.
  48. – official website of Korean company.
  49. – ad platform.
  50. – news website.
  51. – BBC International.
  52. – mobile apps.
  53. – another statistics on maps.
  54. – German domain for Google.
  55. – Japanese Amazon domain.
  56. – New York Times.
  57. – games.
  58. – Search Engine.
  59. – Chinese Q&A platform.
  60. – Japanese e-commerce
  61. – weather forecast
  62. – Chinese e-commerce
  63. – Chinese website
  64. – Q&A platform
  65. – Fandom wiki hosting service
  66. – South Korean online services.
  67. – online payments
  68. – weather forecasts.
  69. – website about movies, TV shows and games.
  70. – German domain for Amazon
  71. – Japanese domain fo Google
  72. – British news website
  73. – blogging platform
  74. – FOX news
  75. – french domain for Google
  76. – Microsoft Office 365 services
  77. – messaging app
  78. – e-commerce platform
  79. – web app platform
  80. – Walmart official website
  81. – British domain for Amazon
  82. – Apple official website
  83. – news
  84. – source code hosting and developers community
  85. – Japanese blogging platform
  86. – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  87. – British domain for Google
  88. – statistics on maps.
  89. – Chienese website
  90. – Polish website with news and mail services
  91. Y…
  92. – job advertisements
  93. – Korean news service.
  94. – Italian domain for Google
  95. – American classified advertisements website
  96. – microblogging platform
  98. C…
  99. – China Mobile
  100. B…

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