July 23, 2020 - Pawel Mansfeld

Top 2020 Web Design Partner in Poland

I know it can seem next to impossible as a new business to achieve measurable growth year over year while also implementing UX that doesn’t hurt your conversion rates. Have no fear, I’m an experienced web designer/developer that’s here to save the day!  I’m skilled in JavaScript, three.js, and Progressive Web Apps on the frontend, as well as PHP, MySQL, and WordPress on the backend. As a seasoned professional, I create uniquely successful web experiences to help my clients thrive.

In recognition of my prowess and ability to deliver, I’ve been named one of the best in Poland for web design by Clutch! Clutch is a ratings and reviews company that uses a one of a kind ratings formula to identify key business leaders for various service sectors. Their findings help companies find new, qualified partners for their projects and needs.

We’d like to thank my wonderful clients for helping me get this far. They took time to engage with Clutch over the phone to answer a few questions about my performance and impact. I was evaluated on the basis of my punctuality, customer service, cost for value, and overall quality of my work. Then, those thoughts were translated into a case-study format. I’m happy to say my clients have rated me a whopping five out of five stars! Take a look at my most recent review below:

Many thanks to Clutch – the best platform for collecting objective feedback from business clients”

 – Paweł Mansfeld, Web Designer & Developer

I’m happy to receive this recognition and promise to keep my costs competitive and quality of work exceptional for years to come. Drop me a line if you’d like to take a look at how I can transform your company site today!