January 7, 2020 - Pawel Mansfeld


Easy ways to drive traffic to your website

It is obvious that everyone who publishes a website on the Internet want to scale traffic. It does not matter whether you are a company, a novice blogger or the creator of a website e.g. favorite music band.

Everyone has a way to attract the public. Some are obvious and banal, others maybe less. I will try to share my observations with you. Currently, there is a lot of content on the Internet, which is why today’s average Internet user is much more demanding than the one a few years ago. See how the amount of traffic (i.e. popularity) of my site you have changed in the last months:

What Internet users don’t like First of all, boredom. This is the most common reason to stop reading current website. Everything can be forgiven: poorly designed navigation, unattractive design, bad typography; but for sure no one will give us uninteresting content.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes but the biggest ones are downtime and writing weak texts. In this chart you can see that I started to make some progress towards the end of 2017. I stopped looking at other websites and I focused on my users.

Techniques and examples of increasing website traffic

High quality content – no one should have doubts about it. The meaning of websites is content and everything else is always less important. The content should be interesting, unique and presented in the simplest way possible. The next years of Internet marketing are primarily running a company blog with useful information for customers. Content optimization for SEO is also important.

Search engine rank – one of the most important factors affecting the popularity of a website. Browsers rule the internet. The most common mistake in website promotion is starting from positioning it. The Internet user will not give a second or third chance – he will skip it broadly even in SERPs.

Analytics – a universal method for increasing business results, earning and also obtaining traffic to websites. Well, it is easier to increase the value of a result by scaling (increasing) this factor that is already working than to look for completely new possibilities and build profits in a different way. In terms of websites, it means that it’s worth checking where the traffic is coming from and trying to increase this kind of traffic. So if we have traffic from social media, we focus on the community and if from organic results, we examine which phrases are most valuable to us and aim to increase the role of this factor in this regard.

Target group – specify at the very beginning a narrow group of people for whom this content will be intended. Try to specify at least their age by how to address them in a more or less formal way.

Page titles – contrary to appearances, is a very important thing. Not only that it must encourage further reading or viewing, it must also be one hundred percent compatible with the content of the articles. One of my clients told me that, he was a magazine editor for years. He even said that the title is more important than the content itself.

Accessibility – it is about making the website easy to view and user-friendly. The entire site should load in a flash. The menu must be intuitive, simple and clear. Accessibility also includes compatibility with mobile devices and various internet browsers.

News – probably you do not need to explain that the page where the most recent article was written two years ago will not gain more popularity. The more often we update the page, the shorter the time between two visits of the same person will be. It is also worth focusing on the evergreen content.

Interactivity – adding comments and additional facilitation in communication with readers will definitely increase popularity. Comments can be very valuable in terms of substance and the conversations conducted under them will multiply the number of entries for a single article. Articles that can be commented on are usually more balanced and objective. A good trick to increase traffic is to add comments with a signature and a link to the author’s page. This causes linking to be seen by the competition and also tries to get a similar link πŸ™‚ A good example of interactivity are also ratings in the form of stars, which are visible in search results.

Design – because the first impression is very important. Everyone loves pretty things, doesn’t it?. Let’s not forget abut professional typography and grids.

Updates – it’s worth updating older posts to maintain good positions in search results for a long time. Improving errors, increasing the quality of posts and expanding the subject matter is of great value to readers, and the strategy of continuous improvement of content on the site will give us much more benefits than creating subsequent entries, which have to earn a reputation from scratch and dim the value of older entries, which we have devoted a lot of time.

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As you can see, driving traffic to website requires wide view. There are many factors, ranging from the quality of hosting affecting the speed of loading the page that affects website popularity. The key is interesting content and its consistent promotion. Let’s not forget to refine the appearance of the page, make the presentation of content more attractive and avoid mistakes at all costs.